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Karjajuht Back
2014/10227 Spinefarm Records

1. Külmking
2. Together
3. This is the Land
4. Black Wolf
5. Steelforged Path
6. Night
7. In the Bellies of Barrels
8. Savage Blood
9. Wall of Death
10. From Dust
11. Pack Leader
12. Talisman
Life is not given to us to suffer and wail, life is given for standing upright on your own two feet. For supporting those who are weaker than you, and to accept help from those who are greater than you. For keeping your own tribe and pride. Only when “me” becomes “us” can we stand strong. Together. Shoulder to shoulder, back to back!

Markus - vocals, guitars
Lauri - vocals, torupill, flutes, kannel, instrument of angst, mouth harp, goathorn, acoustic guitar
Kuriraivo - bass, vocals
Atso - drums and percussion, vocals

Produced by Metsatöll and Samuel Ruotsalainen
All lyrics and music written and arranged by Metsatöll
“Together” sung with Jonne Järvelä
“Wall of death” vocal solo by Kadri Voorand
The album “Karjajuht” (“Pack Leader”) was recorded by Keijo Koppel and Metsatöll, in Tallinn, RoundSound Studios, September and October 2013. The songs were mixed by Keijo Koppel and Marko Atso at RoundSound Studios, in Tallinn, October 2013.

The album was mastered by Minerva Pappi, Finnvox Studios, October 2013
Front cover: Jüri Arrak “Pack Leader”, 2013. Acrylic and oil on canvas. Metsatöll’s private collection
Designed by Kristjan “Luix“ Luiga
Photography by Kristjan Lepp
Lyrics translated by Silver “Factor“ Rattasepp
Markus and Kuriraivo bend Rotosound guitar strings

Atso beats with Pro-mark drumsticks, Mapex drums and Paiste cymbals
Lauri fingers traditional Estonian instruments and blows Mollenhauer flutes

The Metsatöll mob:
Keijo Koppel - the sound guy
Janno Antsmäe - the stage guy
Raiko Saadjärv - the lightning guy
Leho Säde - the guy who actually does things
Lii Araste - the marketing gal

Shoulder to shoulder with the pack leader stood Andres Poolak, Andres Toom, Andrus Taul,
Arvi Redi, Heikki Jaansalu, Meelis Kasepalu, Meelis Lusmägi, Reet Aus, Rene Jõhve, Riho Paltser, Samuel Ruotsalainen, Tauno Aints, Tiit Terask, Val Tvoar and Vello Kuura.

Metsatöll gives its thanks to all friends and true tribe fellows on both sides of the nation’s borders. Let’s stick together, the pack will keep together and the blood of the savage is hotter than molten lead! Our people at home - we bow deeply before you, it is your support and care that keeps our shoulders straight!