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“Valor and Folklore” tour of April 2020 will be postponed
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  Metsatöll to release EP Pummelung and surprise with a new track!


On May 15 Metsatöll will release their new EP named Pummelung. Besides two unpublished tracks, the EP includes the cover of J.M.K.E’s Külmale Maale (To the Cold Land). Today the  EP’s title song reached the radio stations.

Pummelung is a self-ironic track about overboiling debaucheries with copious amounts of  alcohol. The shorter the mind, the greater the strength of will - further and on! Metsatöll does  not preach, nor do they justify the “overboiled” debauchers: “Let’s take life as it is, without any enhancements, without putting our heads under pillows, with backs up straight. Just as the track lyrics say - the twilight will reveal which one of us is a true Estonian!”

EP Pummelung was produced by Metsatöll and Samuel Ruotsalainen, recorded by Keijo Koppel and Metsatöll at the Roundsound Studios in Tallinn during September and October of  2013. The sound was mixed in October of 2013 by Keijo Koppel and Marko Atso, who were also responsible for the mastering that was done at the Roundsound Studios in March 2015.

The EP will be released in cooperation with Spinefarm Records, an affiliate of Universal  Music. Metsatöll’s two tracks Pummelung and Vana jutuvestja laul have so far, for a reason or another, remained on the shelves of Roundsound, the home studio of Metsatöll. Now, after an almost six-month vacation the band decided to pay its creative debt - it is time to share the band’s past publications with a wider audience. The EP’s third track, J.M.K.E’s Külmale maale was recorded in 2013 and has appeared on the punk legend’s tribute record Võtke istet vanamutt (Take a Seat, You Old Hag).

As a tradition, Jüri Arrak’s painting illustrates also the front cover of the EP Pummelung. This time, the artist with an original style has granted his permission to use details from the 1990 graphic Kuldvasikas (The Golden Calf).

Metsatöll’s EP Pummelung will be released on May 15 and is available in most of the digital channels. The EP will be released on both CD and vinyl, but only for the quick, as the quantity is limited - 500 CDs and 300 vinyls.

As of today the EP can be pre-ordered from the band’s e-store at and in well-equipped record stores of Lasering, Terminal, Apollo and Rahva Raamat.


Markus - vocals, guitars
Lauri - vocals, bagpipes, flutes, zither
Kuriraivo - bass
Atso - drums
Metsatöll – Pummelung

(EP) track list:
1. Pummelung
2. Vana Jutuvestja Laul
3. Külmale Maale  - J.M.K.E. cover

Listen to the new song Pummelung here: