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Veljo Tormis 90
Metsatöll and RGB Baltics are hosting a concert on Friday-Saturday
“Valor and Folklore” tour of April 2020 will be postponed
North-American tour 10233

  Metsatöll releases the video single “Vimm” (Spite) from the upcoming compilation album “Vana jutuvestja laulud” (The songs of an old storyteller), out November 11


November 11 sees the release of Metsatöll’s compilation album “Vana jutuvestja laulud”. From that record one can find the noted band’s best tracks and also two brand new songs, one of them the today released single “Vimm”.

Since the release of the very first Metsatöll demo record „Terast mis hangunud me hinge (Steel frozen in our soul) the band has released seven full length studio albums, concert recordings, dvd-s, has worked together with noted composers, musicians, conductor and songwriters. Metsatöll carries with it nearly one hundred songs and a couple hundred arrangements from good Estonian music. Now was the right time to put together a compilation of „storyteller’s songs“, telling the story of Metsatöll and of all that Metsatöll has in its heart.

“We have been asked several times where can people find certain tracks, from which album is this or that song you just played. Where is this track from, you know, the one that goes like this.. It’s pretty hard to recommend all the albums together as the opinion on the best soundscape changes during time as well. That’s why we now decided to put at least some of the best tracks together, polish them and release as a joint “Vana jutuvestja laulud” album,” tells Lauri Õunapuu.

Metsatöll’s compilation album holds 14 old and good songs that all have been re-masterted at Roundsound studio in Estonia, under Keijo Koppel’s sound touch. Five tracks are also mixed together freshly. The new tracks, single “Vimm” and “Meri ja maa” are also recorded in the very same studio.

The track “Vimm” tells a story about estonian like fire under ashes – from every small change in the home village a brand new understanding is born. Every kindly offered help will turn into addiction from one point. The addiction to change according to the society’s acceptance. We can be ok with it or not but until now it seems like a historical inevitability. How much, if and when will we accept it is a totally different question. Until then the hand is curled into a fist, knuckles white from the pressure and tension and the sharp eye paying attention to the fortelling axe of the shaman. Until someone says “Enough!”. The video was recorded in the end of summer 2016 on the fields next to Varbuse Muusika manor. Video shot and edited by Indrek Kasesalu.

Metsatöll’s compilation album “Vana jutuvestlja laulud” is released on November 11 on CD, vinyl, cassette and digitally. The compilation is already pre-orderable at te band’s website

”Vimm” video on Youtube
”Vimm” on digital platforms:

Markus - vocals, guitars
Lauri – vocals, bagpipe, flutes, zither, instrument of angst,
mouth harp, acoustic guitar
, guitar
Kuriraivo - bass and vocals
Atso - drums, vocals

Metsatöll – ”Vana jutuvestja laulud” track list:

1. VEELIND/ Birds from water
2. VIMM/ Spite

3. KÜÜ/Serpent
4. MUST HUNT/Black wolf

5. KIVINE MAA/ Land full of stones
6. KAHJAKALDAD/ Sacrificial shores

7.TERAST MIS HANGUND ME HINGE/ Steel frozen in our souls
8. VAID VAPRUST/ Only bravery
9. VANA JUTUVESTJA LAUL/ The song of an old storyteller
10. VÄGI JA VÕIM/ Of power and might

11. RAUAST SÕNAD/ Words of iron
12. MERI JA MAA/ Sea and land

13. SAAREMAA VÄGIMEES/ The giant hero of Ösel
14. KUNI POLE KODUS, OLEN KAUGEL TEEL/ Until I arrive at home, I'm on a distant road

15. SEE ON SEE MAA/ This is the land
16. LAHINGUVÄLJAL NÄEME, RAISK!/ See you on the battlefield

Upcoming release shows in Estonia with the warm-up act Taak:

11.11 Põlva -  Ööklubi Kino

18.11 Tallinn - Rock Cafe

26.11 Tartu - Rock'n'roll

More info: