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Veljo Tormis 90
Metsatöll and RGB Baltics are hosting a concert on Friday-Saturday
“Valor and Folklore” tour of April 2020 will be postponed
North-American tour 10233

  IIVAKIVI LP - CD - Woodpak

Throughout the ages it has been under way. Life has carried itself. Carried secrets in itself...

Carried life through life. Ourselves among the bearers. Together we have come from the unknown and are heading...

This path begins somewhere and it will lead on to somewhere... to the finite and the endless, in ourselves and in those who will follow...

The thirst for life spurs one to heave the fertility stone... to blow life’s sparks into a roaring flame, to find answers in oneself to the most primeval roots that fall speechless before our questions.

To questions that rise swords and let them fall again, feel harsh fangs and blow warmth to frozen hearts. A human being’s questions to life.

And the answers scour wild expanses and the frozen high seas, and roam among people and the inner flame...

„Iivakivi” was performed and recorded by Lauri Mida juua?!” Liivak and Metsatöll in „Forwards” studio, Tartu, November 10220.

The sound was polished by Kristo Kotkas in „Sinusoid” studio, December 10220.


Nailboard Records
Board 020