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  Metsatöll to commence a month-long European tour

Metsatöll, together with their northerly neigbours Ensiferum ja Tracedawn, is about to go on an European tour. Between 24 September and 31 October, there will be 32 gigs in 11 countries. On 27 September, Metsatöll will drop by Rock Café, which will be the only chance to see Metsatöll on stage in Estonia this year.

“Going on a tour with Ensiferum is like winning the lottery,” the drummer Marko Atso says. “A tour together with them is equal to three or four years of promotional work done locally from here.”

Bass player Kuriraivo adds: “They are doing well. We are doing well, too, now that we got our feet down and have a chance to show our faces around Europe. Somehow I feel that Europe indeed wants something more exotic, something in a foreign language.”

Ensiferum is such a high-profile band that there are almost no smaller venues during the entire tour. There will also be gigs at four festivals. On 23 September, the bands have the so-called tuotanto-päivä in the Nosturi club in Helsinki. Singer-guitarist Markus Teeäär explains: “This means that the club will be closed to visitors, only the bands will be there, the entire technical side is played through and everything will be checked, that all the equipment is there and functioning and that no wires are buzzing.”

It is at this very club that the first show of the tour will be played on 24 September, and a day later the bands will be at Seinäjoki and then in Oulu. On Sunday, 27 September the tour will reach Rock Café.

“Initially, we had no plans for a gig in Tallinn,” Markus admits. “But we said that it will be so close and the people in Estonia definitely want to see Ensiferum, too. And finally we managed to get this show with a ridiculously low ticket price of 150 EEK. This because Ensiferum will not ask for their ordinary fee but will play essentially for free.”

Younger fans will be definitely glad to hear that there will be no age limit at the show. “Rock Café will open its doors already at 6 p.m. so that men and women of every height and weight can see how things are done on tour,” Atso says.

After the gig in Tallinn, the tölls will have three days of rest, only to proceed to Hamburg, Germany, on 1 October, where they will be waited by the tour bus – a 16-seated Nightliner, shared with the Finnish band Tracedawn. And then there will be further 28 gigs in Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

The musicians will arrive back home in early November, and after a week of rest the guys will travel to Finland for a month, to put finishing touches on the new album, due out next year.

Tickets to the show in Rock Café on 27 September available at

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Additional info: Marko Atso, e-mail, phone +372 56 906 662