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Veljo Tormis 90
Metsatöll and RGB Baltics are hosting a concert on Friday-Saturday
“Valor and Folklore” tour of April 2020 will be postponed
North-American tour 10233

  Metsatöll dozen


The 23rd say of this February — also known as "Wolf-month" in olden Estonian folk speech — will see Metsatöll furiously celebrate their first dozen years of existence at the pub Rockstar's. During the rapturous romp the bands Slinghunt, Lehmatöll and Paskar Kolgats will be taking the stage to play their flamboyant tunes for the crowd to shake, jive and boogie to, and if the aging farts can still carry their beer, also Metsatöll themselves. Traditional events such as Tölluoke and the trivia quiz Tölluriin will take place, lots will be drawn so that much Töll-related junk can find new owners, and a certain sound engineer has promised to deliver a delicate demonstration of making sweet, sweet love to a set of bagpipes without crossing the line of good taste. The place will abound with numerous free brewskies and beautiful people. Regarding the performers: Slinghunt: any band whose name contains the word "hunt" (Estonian for "wolf"), will always be good enough to play together with Metsatöll, even if they happen to be a bunch of excellent musicians making staggeringly good music, like these successors to the legendary Super Slinky. Paskar Kolgats: for the past 20+ years, the members of this band have refused to learn to play their instruments, and have yet to release a single piece of recorded music. An accomplishment in its own right, surely. Lehmatöll: music for cowboys and -girls who will not shy away from a bout of crude country music and lurid line-dancing. The trapdoor into the wolf-lair, situated in the floor of the pub Woodstock, will open at 9 pm; Slinghunt will begin at 10 pm. Only 250 tickets will be sold.

Evening program: