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Veljo Tormis 90
Metsatöll and RGB Baltics are hosting a concert on Friday-Saturday
“Valor and Folklore” tour of April 2020 will be postponed
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  Metsatöll NEW ALBUM "Ulg" 1/11/11


The new album by Metsatöll, Ulg (The Howl) was recorded, from start to finish, from writing the songs to the recording of the last screams and bagpipe tootles, among the forests of Southern Estonia, away from city noises and everyday clamour.

When the tölls first gathered in the Pihlaka farmstead to record a few new demo tracks, there were as yet no plans to lay down the full new tracks so briskly. Regrettably however, the bins of demo recordings were overflowing with immensely thick sounds already after the first few minutes, and the entire collective was so productive and crammed with bold inspiration that a decision was made to pound the entire album down right there on the spot. For preparing the amplifiers, microphones and other necessary junk, help was provided by the legendary Finnish sound engineer Mikko Karmila. During the entire recording session, the record button, and unfortunately the delete button too, was pressed by the no less legendary Estonian sound engineer Keijo Koppel.

The radio single Land Full of Stones from the new album Ulg (The Howl) tells the story of primeval Estonian stubbornness and doggedness, characteristics which we are immensely proud of, but which unfortunately do not always lead to effectual accomplishments.

Land Full of Stones can be listened to at

Ulg (The Howl)
Track list:

1. Agu (Daybreak)
2. Sõjasüda (Warheart)
3. Küü (Serpent)
4. Muhu õud (Muhu Dread)
5. Kivine maa (Land Full of Stones)
6. Rabakannel (Bog-harp)
7. Isata (Fatherless)
8. Kahjakaldad (Sacrificial Shores)
9. Tormilind (Shearwater)
10. Ulg (The Howl)
11. Eha (Dusk)

All music and lyrics written, arranged and produced by Metsatöll.

Markus – vocals, guitars
Lauri – vocals, torupill, flutes, kannel, instrument of angst, moldpill, mouth harp
Raivo – bass and vocals
Atso - drums, stinkdrum, vocals