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01.06.2018 03:15
Many thanks for the fantastic show last night in Porto Alegre - Brazil.
Come back soon !

Big Hug!!
30.04.2018 07:37
Who is the artist of the image depicted on the T-shirt "See on see maa"? Does he(she) have other artworks in such style?

01.05.2018 00:10
Tuomas Tahvanainen.
Jörg Peters
06.04.2018 10:28
Waiting for you to come to Germany again! I'm a huge fan of you and I cant wait you to play here, since with a new drummer Tonis who is truely really good, maybe even better than old-one. Take care and make soon a new album.
27.04.2018 14:04
Vielen Dank! We are looking forward tp perform in Deutschland again!

05.04.2018 05:51
I can't get enough of Metsatoll. I saw you open for Tyr and Korpiklaani in 2012 and you hooked me from the opening bars of Sojasuda You are unparalleled in the realm of Folk Metal both instrumentally and vocally. Please return to the Midwest USA!
P.S. How do you get that bass tone?
05.04.2018 20:36
Thank you for nice words. The bass is 5 string Hohner and the amp is some really old Peavy.

06.04.2018 05:57
You're welcome. As a fellow bassist, I very much admire that amazing time that you have crafted.

04.04.2018 17:52
Tänan, et olemas olete, sest tänu teile hakkasin ma trummi mängima ja ev kõik teie laulusõnad on mul peas. Trumme mängin u nii nagu teie need Atsoga linti mängisite.
05.04.2018 20:37
Tubli Robert!

06.04.2018 14:59
Ma ei taha just eputada aga olen 12 aastane.

17.02.2018 02:51
Thanks very much for your Music...
My Mother loved it very much. She was always on Laululpidu when she can...
And for me it was the first time, we like same music.
Lets send some Melodies against the sky for her and drink a glass.
22.02.2018 21:00
Terviseks! Best regards!

07.02.2018 19:03
I found your music on Spotify and the sounds is absolutely amazing. The Aio album is my favorite. You should come to Austin, Texas for a tour man.

By the way, what is the time and date convention you guys use on the web site. How should we read it?
13.02.2018 12:13
Metsatöll uses the chronology of the localnatural religion. It begins with the Billingen catastrophe of 8213 before Common Era, whenthe Baltic ice lake broke its way into the ocean and most of the current territory of Estoniaappeared from under the water

02.10.2017 06:55
Absolutely awesome sound fellas, really see/feel the raw power of forest spirit energy you make your music evokes to dance! Cheers from Australia , I miss Estonian beer !!!!!!!!!!!
11.11.2017 19:10
Cheers! Terviseks!

15.09.2017 05:02

Hello from USA. I found you guys last year. I came to Estonia this July and I got to see you in Parnu and Kardla. It was great. Glad I got to finally see you guys in person. Great band. Great music!

Thanks! -Matt Wagner
11.11.2017 19:09
Thank you

20.05.2017 01:57
I stumbled across Metsatoll, while looking for a song by Veljio Tormis.
Hoooooly shit !!!!!!
i love The sound of Metsatoll!
It's an ancient sound combined with a modern twist,
the power, the of the percussion, the bagpipes, the the weird Celtic twist it has had me transfixed.
Come to Austin, Texas Metsatoll!!!
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